Our School vision is to develop the human potential.

Our school’s mission is to inspire academic excellence, to nurture curiosity, creativity, and imagination. The Montessori philosophy encourages children to be independent, responsible and self-motivated.

Often, in even the best of traditional educational thinking, the student is viewed as a passive object- inert material to be transformed by the application of curricular sequences. We believe instead that the most profound learning takes place when the process of education is linked to experiences, interests and capacities of the individual student.

If students are encouraged to use their own interests as the key to engaged involvement with the subject matter, they work ambitiously, take greater responsibility for their endeavors, care deeply about their studies and are able to remember and apply what they have learned. We work with each student to develop an individual educational plan.

The school’s objective is to offer an academic program to our community that encourages children to learn at their own pace and enjoy learning and to offer our community a choice in education for their children. While our program fosters academic achievement, the atmosphere minimizes stress and competition, and accentuates each child’s strengths and successes over weaknesses and failures. We believe that the more students can learn to invest themselves in the process of education, the more they will be able to commit themselves to academic study.