Twos Program (24 – 36 months)

Montessori on the Lake has classes designed specifically for children between 24 and 36 months of age. The ratio for the Twos classes are 1:6 adults to children. Many new aspects of development are emerging for the two year old. They are increasing their mobility and asserting their independence. Inside the Twos class room is child sized furniture and sinks with low counters. There are small sized toilets to facilitate potty training. Two year olds love routine. The Montessori curriculum is introduced with circle times, work time, playground, lunch and nap all on a consistent schedule that is comfortable. The Montessori Classroom allows their new sense of autonomy and independence to flourish where they can explore, discover, develop language skills and vocabulary, and learn to express their feelings.

The Montessori teachers model the respectful and compassionate behavior that they ideally want to see develop in their students. The discipline is logical and always presented in a fashion that the young student can understand. This consistent and repetitive modeling of desirable behavior enhances the child’s success within the classroom and beyond, allowing the child to naturally grow into the social person they are so rapidly becoming.

The day starts with an outdoor playtime, as parents are dropping off and saying their goodbyes. The children are able to move around freely and expend their energy. At 9:30 the class has a circle time and snack time, after which the children are invited to choose “work” from the shelves. The children are eager to get immersed in hands-on activities. This desire and focus is a key component to the success of the Montessori Method. The child can move at-will from one exercise to another, allowing the length of time and depth of the focus to naturally engage and deepen as the child finds success at each activity.

Diapers are checked and changed while the children are working, so there is no wait time, and after about an hour or more, the class cleans up the work and goes back outside to play before lunch (11:15) During the recess, we set out their lunches on the tables, warm up their food if required, and pour their milk for them. After lunch, everybody is cleaned up and diapers are checked again, the children lay down on their own individual cots, lights are dimmed and soft music is played while the children fall asleep for afternoon naptime. They can sleep for as long as necessary (up to 3 hours). After nap there are classroom activities until the end of the day at 3:00 after which we continue with extended daycare until 6:00pm.