Infant Program (3-24 months)

Welcome to a baby’s world where all of life is new to discover. When you enter, please remove your shoes, and come in quietly as some of us may be sleeping. You may notice our teachers sitting on the floor, meeting us eye to eye to help us understand our world. We keep busy at school and would love to introduce you to our loving teachers.

Ms. Terry

Ms. Terry’s infant group is for ages 3 months to approximately 1 year. The room has capacity for 10 babies but normally there will be between 7 and 9 infants enrolled at a time. In Ms. Terry’s class we keep a 3:1 ratio of infant to adults to ensure that there is plenty of quality time. Floor time is enhanced by interactive toys and plenty of staff to provide play experience for our littlest students. Our infant faculty includes an established team of loving, dedicated individuals who have brought many of our young students through that precious first year of life.

Ms. Bertha and Ms. Ericka

The one year old class includes up to 8 children ages 12 to 18 months. The two teachers work with a third part-time assistant during the busy time in the middle of the day. The legal 4:1 ratio is maintained at all times in this small cozy group so that there is plenty of time for individual interaction and attention to the needs of the children. Self-feeding, sippy cups, circle time, story time and exploration of the infant yard is introduced as well as an afternoon nap on individual cots (provided).

Ms. Cecilia

This group is designed for 18 -24 months. The children enter this class when the child is for the beginnings of the structured Montessori curriculum. We continue to keep the 4:1 child to adult ratio with between 8 and 12 students in the group. Ms. Cecilia’s class learn how to take their jobs to tables, roll out a mat to work on the floor and begin to learn how to put their jobs away. They eat their lunch in a family style dining arrangement all together at a table, seated in (very small) chairs, using utensils and drinking out of cups. This class provides a secure and pleasing environment for the child to grow and become more independent, self-reliant and self-confident.

Approach and Philosophy

Our philosophy of caregiving is based upon the research of Magda Gerber and Tom Forrest, the founders of Resources for Infant “Educarers”, RIE, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources and support in infant/toddler care. The philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori is implemented in addition to the insights of RIE throughout our curriculum. In our work with young children, our primary goal as teachers and caregivers is to respect each infant and toddler on his or her path toward self-development. We believe that it is vital to help infants and toddlers become empowered people who respect themselves and their abilities, and who respect others as well.  We implement this policy of profound respect by constantly involving infants in activities that concern them, by investing quality time with each child, and by setting the example of the behaviors that we strive to see in the young child. We give them opportunity to solve their own dilemmas, we aid the child in verbal expression of feelings, and we respect the quality of development of the child at each stage of their physical, emotional and social growth.